My introduction to Bowen Therapy firstly was when a friend recommended it for my husband’s shoulder complaints. Very sceptical however we were at the point of trying anything just so he could get some pain relief, it was amazing, the difference in just 2 visits so when I had a hip & pelvis issue I decided to give Bowen Therapy a go for myself, well needless to say I have opened my mind to this amazing practice especially after experiencing it firsthand. I have a 20 year old son, Jordan, who has Williams Syndrome, for Jordan this syndrome is mainly an intellectual disability, he is mobile, not on any medication and enjoys a lot of different sports in his life. One of the characteristics of William Syndrome is their muscles can develop very quickly and with Jordan being a Swimmer and has bounced on a trampoline every day since he was 2 his calf & leg muscles have developed very quickly and are extremely tight. Watching Jordan walk lately I could notice his legs were getting very stiff and I was concerned if we didn’t do something about them now possibly in the not to distance future he would have a lot of trouble getting around and would have to give up the sport that he loves. After discussions with Tina Price – Bonville Bowen Therapy, Coffs Harbour I decided to bring Jordan in for a consultation with Tina. Tina was very keen to work with Jordan and after the first procedure we saw results. After the first session Jordan’s leg & calf muscles started to relax, we noticed the difference straight away, they were soft but firm the muscles had become flexible and weren’t so tight. 
When we returned the next week Tina asked Jordan how he felt, his reply was “ he was relaxed and was now a jelly man” meaning he noticed his Calf Muscles were soft and can move like jelly instead of a hard rock. Jordan also has allergies for dust etc, however I didn’t mention this to Tina at the time as I was more concerned about his legs. After the next session it had become obvious to me that Jordan had stopped sneezing up to 10 sneezes at a time several times a day. Tina at that stage hadn’t done any work that she would normally do when treating allergies. This totally blew Tina away along with all of my scepticism about Bowen Therapy. The third session was as amazing as the others, Jordan swims with the Special Olympics on the North Coast and has carnivals every couple of months and has also attend the State Games, winning a number of medals along the way. Tina thought she would work on Jordan’s arms and after having Jordan do some ROM tests she noticed that one arm wasn’t as strong or couldn’t be lifted as high as the other. After this session Jordan’s arms were able to reach up to the side of his head without any effort. Like Tina, I am totally amazed at what Bowen Therapy has actually done for Jordan and the possibilities of how it could help other adults and children with a disability just to be able to relax their muscles to help them with their mobility would be totally amazing. I can’t thank Tina enough for what she has done for myself & my family with showing us the Bowen Therapy way it has certainly made a difference in us all. I have recently just signed up to start my Cert IV in Bowen Therapy with Tina, needless to say I am no longer a sceptic of Bowen Therapy and after doing a bit of research I now recommend it to those who I think will get a benefit from it.