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Tina Price


I was introduced to Bowtech Bowen therapy in 1998 after receiving treatment for aching hands, wrists and arms. I was working as a massage therapist at the time and was amazed that the pain I was experiencing disappeared with Bowen therapy. From that moment, Bowtech became my lifelong passion.

In 2010, I was gifted the opportunity to become a Bowtech instructor with Bowen Training Australia RTO#41134 and I now teach in the Nationally-Recognised Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy 10533NAT

Bowenwork has taken me on some exciting and challenging journeys to country Australia working with people in aboriginal communities, and to the Philippines working in missions and areas where people were affected by devastating typhoons.

I have found that the effects of Bowen therapy are quite remarkable, and I am thrilled to teach others the wonders of Bowtech Bowen therapy.

I run a busy practice from my home clinic in the beautiful Bonville Valley, located a few minutes south of Coffs Harbour. Most of my classes are held here however I also travel to mid-to-north country NSW to teach the Bowtech Bowen Therapy .

There are daily flights from Brisbane and Sydney, and a main train line and bus route between these two cities. The Pacific Highway goes right through Bonville/Coffs Harbour. Affordable accommodation is available at the Bonville  venue and a spa overlooks the lush mountain backdrop. Yum!

I have also taught in Tasmania. For details regarding other scheduled Tasmanian classes, please see the Instructors page & visit "Tasmania Various" for more classes."
- Bowen Training Australia

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BOWTECH - The Bowen   Therapy Academy of Australia

BOWTECH - The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

 BOWEN TRAINING AUSTRALIA - Offers a unique opportunity to learn Bowtech .  Delivering Nationally Recognised Bowen   Therapy Australia Wide.

 BOWEN TRAINING AUSTRALIA - Offers a unique opportunity to learn Bowtech. Delivering Nationally Recognised Bowen Therapy Australia Wide.



BAA -    A professional association of Bowen Therapists in Australia.

BAA -  A professional association of Bowen Therapists in Australia.